Maintain social distancing with Norton Telehealth

Norton Healthcare offers options for seeking care online

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Even though we are all staying safe at home, there may be a time when you need nonemergency medical help. Perhaps you need to follow up with your cardiologist. Maybe you are fighting allergies and need some medication guidance. We also want to protect ourselves, medical professionals, and at-risk individuals from COVID-19, and that’s where Norton Healthcare’s online options can help.

Here’s a look at ways you can get the care you need from a medical professional and still practice social distancing.

Norton eCare

There are two Norton eCare options to treat a variety of minor illnesses in patients 2 and older: a video visit with a provider or an eVisit. Both options are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For the video visit, you can make an appointment at a time that fits your schedule to visit with a Norton eCare provider. You’ll speak with a provider through a secure online video chat. These visits are billed to your insurance, much like an in-person office visit. If you are experiencing minor symptoms that could be related to COVID-19, video visits are a great first step to seek care without leaving your home and risking exposure.

If you choose the eVisit, you will fill out an online survey that describes your symptoms. Then a Norton eCare provider will call you on the phone within eight to 10 hours. The eVisit is a flat $40 fee.

Access both types of Norton eCare via your free MyNortonChart account. After logging into your account, you will select the “eCare Video Visit” or “E-Visit” icon, depending on which visit type you would like to choose.

If you don’t have a MyNortonChart account, sign up at

Norton Healthcare telehealth appointments with your provider

Many Norton Healthcare providers have expanded their offices’ telehealth capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth appointments are scheduled by your primary care provider or your specialist. These virtual visits allow you to visit securely, face to face, with your provider and are good for follow-up care and routine check-ins without risking exposure.

Telehealth appointments also are accessible through MyNortonChart in the Appointments tab. Since they are appointments scheduled by your personal health care provider, you will not use Norton eCare to access your scheduled appointment. For step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting, click here.

Understandably, demand is very high right now for all of these services as people are concerned about contracting or transmitting COVID-19.  Provider offices are reaching out to patients directly regarding rescheduling appointments to telehealth with at least  24 hours’ notice. If you would like to inquire about your upcoming appointment, please contact your provider’s office directly.

Norton eCare Telehealth appointment
Confidential  and secure
Local Norton Healthcare providers
Access via computer, smartphone or tablet
Video visit
Social distancing
Use secure MyNortonChart connection
Minor illnesses
You schedule anytime
eVisits available: complete an online questionnaire about your symptoms and receive a phone call from a provider
Schedule through your primary care or specialist’s office
Specialist follow ups
Visit with your primary care provider or specialist


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