Employee finds bigger meaning to being part of the Norton Healthcare family

Alissa Prince finds compassion and respect across Norton Healthcare.

Alissa Prince, patient navigator with Norton Infectious Disease Specialists, has found community not only within Louisville but also within Norton Healthcare. She points out how important that is as a member of the LGBTQ community.

“For some, the LGBTQ community is the only family they have, and being part of it is just as great as the one we are all born into,” Alissa said.

According to Alissa, no matter where she goes within Norton Healthcare, she receives the same compassionate care and respect.

“This shows me that Norton Healthcare is ensuring its staff across the board respects all persons and is a judgment free zone,” Alissa said. “As someone who was let go from my employer in 2004 for my sexual orientation, the first thing I disclosed in my interview with Norton Healthcare was that I was a lesbian. I was simply told that doesn’t matter to us.”

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Norton Healthcare has been recognized as a LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for the second year in a row, with a top score of 100. Some of the ways Norton Healthcare is committed to health care quality is the inclusion of nondiscrimination policies for both our patients and our employees. Norton Healthcare is also proud to be a presenting sponsor of the Louisville Pride Festival on Saturday, Sept. 21, along Bardstown Road in the Highlands community.

Alissa has been part of the Norton Healthcare family now for 13 years. During that time, she has grown her career with the company.

“It’s a great feeling going to work every day and not have to hide who you are or who you are with,” Alissa said.

In her role as patient navigator, Alissa meets with many different staff members and always educates them on the importance of respect and inclusion of the LGBTQ community.

“I educate them on the importance of going the extra mile to ensure patients feel comfortable and know we care for them as a whole person,” Alissa said.

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