Why am I falling asleep at work?

How to beat the afternoon slump

We all know sleep is important. If you’re falling asleep at work, or hitting a major afternoon slump, here are some ways to beat the fatigue.

Sleep more

This may seem like a no-brainer, but get more sleep. Get better quality sleep. The average American reports sleeping less than six hours a night.

“Adults should get between eight and nine hours of sleep every night,” said Monalisa Tailor, MD, with Norton Community Medical Associates. “A lack of sleep can result in increased illness and injury, or long-term health effects, to name a few.”

Get moving

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“There is solid evidence that movement is an excellent way to ward off afternoon slumps, but also helps you sleep better at night,” Dr. Tailor said.

Movement could be a few minutes of stretching every hour, a trip to the gym on your lunch break or a walking meeting. Thirty minutes can make an impact on your restful sleep.

Drink up

And we don’t mean just another cup of coffee. Dehydration is a cause of fatigue and brain fog. Hate plain water? Add some lemon or mint. Green tea is also very beneficial. It has many positive health effects and a bit of caffeine. A bonus of upping your fluid intake is more trips to the bathroom (see above).

“You should limit sodas and sugary drinks, and reduce alcohol consumption, since these are dehydrating to the body,” Dr. Tailor said.

Get studied

If you’ve tried these tips but you still get sleepy in the afternoon, it could be the result of a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. You can ask your doctor about a sleep study, which can help diagnose and treat sleep disorders.

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