Governor appoints Norton Healthcare policy leader to council

Group to advance minority businesses and opportunities

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has appointed Kem Delaney-Ellis, director of health policy for Norton Healthcare, to the Governor’s Minority Employment, Business Affairs and Economic Development Council. She will serve until April 2021.

The council, in collaboration with major corporations, business owners, government entities, and community and higher education institutions, seeks to develop outcomes-driven initiatives that can measurably grow minority business enterprises and minority employment opportunities in the commonwealth. The council is composed of the governor (or designee), Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton (or designee) and 15 gubernatorial appointees.

“Our thanks to Gov. Bevin for supporting minority business and employment opportunities within Kentucky,” said Russell F. Cox, president and CEO, Norton Healthcare. “Diversity and minority advancement are important at Norton Healthcare, and we are honored that Kem Delaney-Ellis has been selected to assist with initiatives that support the growth of minority businesses and employment opportunities throughout the commonwealth. With her years of experience dealing with budget and strategic planning in both state government and the private sector, Kem is uniquely qualified. We appreciate Gov. Bevin for allowing her to be part of this.”


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