Healthy or hype: Making sense of diet trends

The typical American tries to lose weight 4 times per year; is your diet just a fad?

Test your knowledge of hype versus healthy when it comes to diet trends and fads:


• Excludes certain food groups

• Focuses on a single food or supplement

• Sounds too good to be true

• Promises quick weight loss


•  Focuses on whole, unprocessed foods

•  Emphasizes portion control

•  Includes a variety of physical activities, at least five days per week

•  Stresses healthy living habits with consistent weight loss over time

•  Results are proven and backed by physicians

Measuring success: If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t judge your success by your scale. It does not account for your height, body composition, fitness level or age. Knowing your body mass index or being evaluated by your doctor is better. Learn more about losing weight the healthy way.

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