How clinical trials help patients

Norton Healthcare has 750 active clinical research studies

Every week, news articles tout the breakthroughs in research and medicine. These breakthroughs can be life-changing for thousands of people with medical conditions and their families, yet many don’t know or understand how clinical trials are conducted — or whether they are even available.

“Health care research is critical to producing new and innovative medications, devices and technologies that save lives and improve quality of life,” said Stephen Wyatt, M.D., vice president of research for Norton Healthcare. “Today’s diagnostic technologies and treatments were founded on an investment in research, supported by federal, industry and health care organizations like Norton Healthcare.”

Norton Healthcare is committed to being a part of this critical national research infrastructure, moving advances in the laboratory to the clinical setting and communities, and ensuring that the people of Louisville Metro, the commonwealth of Kentucky and the region have access to evolving clinical science.

In fact, Norton Healthcare is a regional leader in clinical and health outcomes research, with a robust portfolio of clinical research and an impressive infrastructure that supports this research.

With more than 750 active clinical research studies, Norton Healthcare’s volume is unmatched for a large community hospital system. Over the past several years, an average of approximately 300 new studies have been initiated annually at Norton Healthcare and Norton Children’s Hospital.

Clinical trials enable Norton Healthcare to bring new medical advances to the community and to medical professionals and patients worldwide through a combination of federally funded research.

“Research like this is critical to providing the best health care to patients, even patients who are years away from being diagnosed,” Dr. Wyatt said.

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