Learn how to PLAY again!

This week’s Daniel Plan focus is on fitness

If you are following along with our Daniel Plan book club, you’ve arrived at the fitness chapter. The Daniel Plan offers a refreshing look at movement. These pages will get you motivated and excited about creating a renewed self by learning to PLAY again.

Even if you are not reading the Daniel Plan you can take part in this exercise: Start by taking a mental picture of your current health and fitness levels. Be honest with yourself when considering these questions to form that picture:

    • –     How is your energy level?
    • –     How do you feel most days?
    • –     How is your weight?
    • –     What do you notice about your face, shoulders, arms, abs and legs?

How does your current fitness level impact your life, including faith, food choices, focus, family, work and ministry?

You’ve created a snapshot of your current self. The next part of this exercise is to envision yourself in the future. Take another picture of how you imagine yourself five years from now and in the best physical shape you have ever known. You are now Daniel Strong — physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually fit. What can your future self do that you cannot do today?

The fitness chapter takes you back to when you were a kid, back to the joy of play. The chapter asks you to consider why we spend time enduring workouts we don’t enjoy when we can get the same health benefits from movements that allow us to PLAY:

Prayerful movements throughout your day
Loosening breaks
Active games and aerobic activity
Youthful strength training

Put this idea into action and create a fitness plan that works for you while helping you to PLAY again.


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