Mallika Chopra brings humor and authenticity to Norton Healthcare’s Go Confidently series

She overcame exhaustion and unhealthy habits to create more purpose and happiness in her life. Plus, a bonus interview with Mallika.

Mallika Chopra answered the question on everyone’s mind before anyone had the chance to ask. What was it like growing up Chopra?

Mallika is the daughter of Deepak Chopra, author, speaker, frequent Oprah Winfrey collaborator and one of the most recognized figures of the New Age self-help industry.

Like most of Mallika’s talk at Norton Healthcare’s Go Confidently event, her answer was funny and candid.

Mallika revealed that before her father was the calm presence the world knows him as today, he was a stressed-out, chain-smoking, overworked physician. That was until he discovered meditation. Her father came to believe so passionately in the power of meditation that he began teaching it to everyone he knew. For Mallika, growing up Chopra meant meditation was a part of daily life.

Fast forward many years, Mallika found herself off balance and unhappy while juggling family life, two kids, a business and multiple projects.

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Her book “Living with Intent: My somewhat messy journey to purpose, peace, and joy” documents her process of rediscovering meditation and mindfulness techniques she learned as a child, and integrating purpose and intention into her life.

Mallika shared an exercise with the audience called a “balance wheel,” a way of looking at different areas of your life to determine whether you’re struggling, striving or surviving. The exercise helps you determine which areas you need to focus on and address those places in your life with intentions that can help you make changes. You can learn more about the balance wheel exercise and Mallika’s road map to living with intent on her Intent blog.

If you missed Mallika at Norton Healthcare’s Go Confidently speaker series, don’t worry. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

Journalist Rachel Collier caught up with Mallika at the event and captured a bonus interview for her podcast Wonder Women. You can tune in to Mallika’s wisdom on self-care, mommy guilt, chocolate addiction and more on Rachel’s podcast here. You can also read more about the event at

Who’s next for Norton Healthcare’s Go Confidently series? Bonnie St. John — Paralympic ski champion, Rhodes scholar and White House official — shares her personal story of resilience and encourages us all to aim higher and live life to our fullest potential. This event is sponsored in part by the Norton Healthcare Foundation with support from Caretenders.

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