Local business supporting the Norton West Louisville Hospital project

See how the Norton West Louisville Hospital project is including many local, small businesses to get the job done.

Mike Ashley

Owner, Security Pros LLC

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Creating new opportunities for companies to build with us is part of our mission of ensuring an inclusive environment. 

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Hometown: Owensboro, Kentucky (but has called Louisville home for more than 20 years)

How would you describe your business?  We are a small, minority-owned business. We primarily provide physical security, everything from events to construction projects.

What inspired you to start your business? I was working in banks, in retail, but doing some security on the side. At some point, an entertainment company called and asked me to put together a security team for an event. After that, it snowballed, and people started calling for all kinds of security work. I quit the day job and started working for myself. My first big contract was a construction site in Elizabethtown. I started to get involved in business networking events, and we’ve been growing ever since.

What made you want to be part of the Norton West Louisville Hospital project? I think it’s an awesome project that is really needed in that area. They are going to help people who may not have health insurance, and I remember the times in my life that I was struggling, too. So I wanted to be a part of helping people have access to health care. I also want to be able to drive by that hospital someday with my daughter, and show her that her dad helped make that possible.

How does the Norton West Louisville Hospital project compare with some of your other projects? We do all kinds of events and projects. We did a wedding recently. But we were with the Amazon project and the Muhammad Ali Center. We’ve done a little of everything.What are some goals for your business? I would love to be able to offer my team full benefits including 401(k), health insurance, dental coverage — all of it. I want this to be a full-time career for people, not just a part-time or side gig. I also want to be known in the community. When you hear the name Security Pros, I would like people to know exactly who we are.

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