MS is no match for a Former Mrs. Kentucky’s winning smile

Robin Mosser shares her personal journey with multiple sclerosis

Robin Mosser has always been known for her smile. Already a two-time Mrs. Kentucky by 1999, she had a motto: “Smile through everything! If you meet someone without a smile, give them one of yours!”

Even so, the nurse, beauty queen and mother of three young boys began having odd symptoms that required a bit more effort to “smile through.”

She would wake with severe numbness in both arms. Her legs would be so numb she couldn’t stand. And she had unusual fatigue.

After several months of tests and appointments, Mosser finally got a definitive diagnosis: multiple sclerosis (MS).

Looking for support after an MS diagnosis?

Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center offers monthly classes and groups for people with MS, from learning the basics to yoga to a variety of support groups to fit your stage in life.

Navigators also can help with mental health counseling, clinical trial information, education, therapeutic and exercise programs, as well as assistance with access to medical care, prescription assistance, disability assistance and financial issues support.

These services are available at no cost to patients or family members/caregivers. Call the resource center at (502) 599-3230 for details.

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“I was sad,” she said. “My youngest son was only 4.  I thought, ‘He will only remember me as a mommy with MS.’”

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While the first few years of treatment were the most difficult, Mosser used her pageants as a platform to talk about MS, winning three more Mrs. Kentucky crowns after her diagnosis.

“I believe that words become our reality,” she said. “Negative talk leads to negative results. I have always chosen to be and speak positively about my life, including my MS. It’s sometimes hard, but what other choice do I have?”

In addition to her positive outlook, Mosser has another secret weapon in her fight to look, feel and be healthy.

Jenifer G. Patterson, APRN, is an MS-certified nurse practitioner who has been there for Mosser for 12 years.

“She is an expert in MS first and foremost,” Mosser said. “But even more than that, she is compassionate, understanding and very, very smart. I’ve grown to love her as a friend.”

In addition to serving MS patients at Norton Neuroscience Institute, Patterson serves on several advisory boards and National Multiple Sclerosis Society committees.

Mosser sees Patterson every four weeks for IV treatment and assessment as part of her ongoing care. More than 15 years into her MS journey, Mosser still focuses on things she is grateful for.

“I don’t look sick, which is a blessing,” she said. “MS isn’t who I am — it is just something that I have.”

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