New immunotherapy vaccine for glioblastoma tested at Norton Cancer Institute

Initial trial results, released in August 2019, suggest a significant decrease of tumor burden among study participants.

Renato V. LaRocca, M.D., values the opportunity to be at the forefront of brain cancer research. As a neuro-oncologist and cancer medicine specialist with Norton Cancer Institute, Dr. LaRocca has treated many cases of glioblastoma. He is grateful to have been part of a clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of a novel immunotherapy vaccine for taming this aggressive, difficult-to treat brain cancer.

“Vaccines are basically a means to try to activate one’s own immune system to recognize the presence of cancer and eliminate it,” Dr. LaRocca said.

The phase 2 clinical trial for this vaccine was conducted by AIVITA Biomedical. Patients who were part of this all followed the same process:

  • A blood sample was collected and submitted to be processed for antigen-presenting immune cells.
  • Proteins from each patient’s tumor cell line were used to develop a specific vaccine personalized for that patient.
  • AIVITA Biomedical shipped each patient’s prepared vaccine to Norton Cancer Institute, where it was administered at specific time points in addition to the patient’s standard treatment.

Initial trial results, released by AIVITA Biomedical in August 2019, suggest a significant decrease of tumor burden among study participants. Should this ultimately translate to survival, we will be honored to have been part of the work to move glioblastoma from largely untreatable to treatable.

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