Norton Healthcare releases annual Report to Our Community

Stories and people who have made a difference at Norton Healthcare

During the past year, Norton Healthcare experienced many changes — a change in leadership, a change to the name of our children’s hospital and changes to many of our campuses. Health care also can change the lives of our patients. It’s in those moments when Norton Healthcare is at our best providing remarkable patient care and service.

These highlights are annotated in our annual Report to Our Community. See some of the stories that shaped our year, including:

  • Tim Wait, an avid CrossFitter, powered back from a shoulder injury to regain full use and return to top form. See his incredible comeback.
  • Chris Pryor thought he was healthy until a checkup revealed he needed quintuple bypass surgery. Hear how a nagging cough changed his outlook on health.
  • Tina Griffith turned a cancer diagnosis into a new passion for early detection and community awareness. Hear her journey from cancer patient to cancer fighter to health advocate.

The Report to Our Community also features video messages from Russell F. Cox, president and CEO, and Michael W. Gough, executive vice president, Norton Healthcare. And, get a quick look at how Norton Healthcare is making a difference in our community through charitable giving.

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