Nurse finds strength, hope from employee resource group

Norton Healthcare celebrates Pride Month with employee profiles

NPride, Norton Healthcare’s resource group for LGBTQ employees and allies, celebrates Pride Month by recognizing a few of our notable employee members.

Verity Owens, R.N., is a nurse at Norton Healthcare. She has been in a constant state of change for several years. She and her husband, Jasper, moved to a new city; she started a new job; and Jasper has transitioned from female to male — the latter being the biggest and most impactful for the couple.

“Although looking back, the transition hasn’t changed him; initially I was nervous about how this would affect our relationship and marriage,” Verity said. “If anything, the transition has made him so much more confident and relaxed, as well as stand out even more as a person of great character.”

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Verity found support from NPride, Norton Healthcare’s LGBTQ and allies employee resource group, during her husband’s transition. She said the group was exactly what she needed to find strength and hope.

“The group was so amazing, and I immediately felt that community connection with other LGBTQ members I had never experienced before,” Verity said. “They cried with me, they laughed with me, and they supported me when I needed it.”

Her experiences have ignited a passion for transgender patient education, especially for Norton Healthcare’s young patients. Having supported a loved one transitioning, she understands many of the issues and stigmas individuals experience.

“There is a real need in the pediatric world for transgender education,” Verity said. “This is such a crucial time in a young person’s development, and it is important staff respect and care for the specific physical and emotional needs of these patients.”

Verity and Jasper also have found great support from Norton Healthcare as their health care provider.

“We have found supportive and affirming physicians and ancillary support,” Verity said. “I am truly grateful that Norton Healthcare stands out as an inclusive and progressive organization to work for.”

Thank you to Verity and all of our NPride members for serving our patients, employees and community.

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