Nurse found her career path after giving birth

Living at Family Scholar House has made a huge difference in her life and helped her get involved with the Norton Healthcare Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program.

Madeline Clem, a former member of Norton Healthcare’s Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program and a Norton Scholar, knew she wanted to get into the medical field but didn’t know she wanted to be a nurse until she gave birth.

Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program

The Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program provides an opportunity to learn and work directly with Norton Healthcare.

The program welcomes student nurses during their junior year of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program or with one semester completion in an Associate of Science in Nursing program.

Top student nurses with good grades, good references and a desire to be the best will gain the skills and confidence to deliver quality patient care — and get paid for it! For more information about the Student Nurse Apprentice Program, view our informational flier or email Norton Healthcare Workforce Development.

“I experienced having a child and right there fell in love with nursing,” Madeline said.

Madeline graduated from Bellarmine University in Louisville in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and a minor in criminal justice. She loved working at Norton Healthcare as an apprentice and joined the nursing team at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital on June 17.

“Having a baby is a very amazing and scary event,” she said. “Nurses see what a patient is going through, and can answer questions and ease their anxiety.”

Getting some help along the way

Madeline lived at Family Scholar House in Louisville until June 2018. Because of a strategic partnership with Family Scholar House and Norton Healthcare, Madeline was supported as she participated in Norton Healthcare’s Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program.

“Family Scholar House is a program for single parents attending school full time,” Madeline said.

Family Scholar House’s mission is to end the cycle of poverty and transform the community, empowering families and youth to succeed in education and achieve lifelong self-sufficiency.

Nursing careers at Norton Healthcare

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Start today

“I came to live here after I had my son,” Madeline said. “I was sharing a bedroom with him at my friend’s parents’ house, and I wanted to go to school. I learned of the Family Scholar House program from a friend who was in the same position. Through them I got my own apartment.”

Madeline is a 2010 graduate of Assumption High School in Louisville. Living at Family Scholar House has made a huge difference in her life.

“Because of Family Scholar House, I have learned to balance school life and home life,” she said.

She plans to go back to school in a few years to pursue a dual degree program to become a family nurse practitioner and nurse midwife while continuing to work at Norton Healthcare.

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