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Norton grants $1.25 million for UofL research

Studies aim to improve care and hope to find cures

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Cardiologist-approved workout tips

Heart experts weigh in on the why’s and how’s of exercising to improve heart health

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Tips to survive noisy neighbor fireworks

Sleep and fireworks just don’t mix; how to catch your z’s.

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July 4 low fat frozen cheesecake treat

This dessert takes the fresh flavors of summer and puts them into a heart-healthy treat your whole family will love.

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Confused about car seats?

Who knew choosing a car seat could be so complicated? Brittany B. makes sense of it in her pregnancy journal blog post.

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Don’t let your child’s 4th end like this

Father describes daughter’s horrific fireworks injury

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What should your kids drink this summer?

The answer won’t surprise you, but the amount might.

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Keep calm, grill on

Safe grilling tips as your summer heats up

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It’s not you, it’s menopause

Menopause puts the brakes on estrogen, which can wipe out a woman’s libido. Here’s how to get your groove back.

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Thank you, Pat Summitt

How Coach Summitt led the way for women athletes like me.

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Snapchat Rewind: Kickballin’ for Kids

The Kickballin’ for Kids Kickball Tournament was held at Waterfront Park on Saturday, June 25. Here’s a look back at the event.

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Breastfeeding may improve child behavior

New study shows yet another benefit.

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