This Norton West Louisville Hospital subcontractor runs a ‘one-woman show’

Meet Portia Shoulders, a small-business owner working with Norton Healthcare on the construction of Norton West Louisville Hospital.

Portia L. Shoulders

PLSIX Porta Potty Rentals LLC

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Hometown: West Louisville

How would you describe your business? I have a small, Black- and woman-owned business based out of West Louisville. I provide port-a-potty rentals, sanitized portable restrooms and cleaning services. I am currently providing these facilities to construction crews at the Norton West Louisville Hospital site. Right now, I have four portable restrooms plus hand-washing stations and one trailer that I clean. It’s just me; I am a one-woman show! I love being a 100% woman-owned business, and I take great pride in what I do.

What inspired you to start your own business? It was a God-given gift and message. I went that same day and got an LLC [formed a limited liability company].

What do you hope your business can offer to the West Louisville community? It is amazing to be a part of the new Norton West Louisville Hospital. I am a West End resident; my life and my job are in the West End. It’s so important to me and my family to be able to say I was there: I was able to see the new hospital from the ground up. I love working with everyone. It’s been a great experience.

How does your current work with Norton West Louisville Hospital compare with previous contracts? This is the biggest contract I’ve ever had. The financial impact, exposure and meeting new people have been awesome.

What are your future goals for your business? I plan to complete this current project until the hospital is ready in 2024. What I want to do beyond that is expand my business to surrounding states. I want to be the Midwest’s leading provider in the portable restroom and sanitation business!

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