Scammers posing as Norton Healthcare

Norton Healthcare is not calling about credit cards and vacations

We were recently made aware that people are receiving calls from a group identifying themselves as Norton Healthcare and trying to sell vacations or offering to consolidate bills with credit cards.

These calls are not from Norton Healthcare. These calls are scams. Norton Healthcare will never call and offer items or services such as these. Be assured patient information has not been compromised: We believe these simply are random calls.

We understand that the calls appear to come from a 629- exchange that caller ID identifies as Norton Healthcare.  The person receiving the call is asked to press 1 to speak to an individual. That individual appears to be in a foreign call center.

Norton Healthcare has reached out to authorities to investigate this matter. If you receive one of these calls, hang up. You may report scams to the Better Business Bureau.

Get additional scam tips from the Better Business Bureau.

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