The gift that keeps on giving

One more glass of water a day could help you lose weight, clean up your complexion and otherwise improve your health.

We all know water has zero calories, but did you know that drinking just a little more each day can dramatically improve your health?

New research from the University of Illinois suggests that adults who drink as little as 1 percent more water every day can experience better health, including weight loss and increased productivity.

For many study participants, 1 percent more water is equal to drinking another 8-ounce glass of tap or bottled water. And that was true even though the 18,000 adults drank an average of only about four cups of water daily, less than half the recommended daily consumption.

But because drinking extra water made them feel fuller, members of the seven-year study group ate less. And by drinking just two or three more glasses daily, the participants avoided consuming more than 200 extra calories every day.

Here are 10 ways drinking a little more water will improve your health

  1. Reduce calories. Lower your intake of sugar, sodium and cholesterol. 
  2. Curtail cravings. Water is a natural, effective appetite suppressant. 
  3. Lose weight. Water flushes away the byproducts from digestive system-fat breakdown. 
  4. Fewer headaches. Better hydration is good for your head. 
  5. Better complexion. Drinking water leads to healthier skin. 
  6. Better productivity. Water enables you to think more clearly, be more alert and better able to concentrate. 
  7. Exercise more effectively. Water regulates your body temperature. 
  8. Enhance your immune system. Water helps support your body’s ability to fight infection and ailments. 
  9. Ease fatigue. Without an appropriate level of water, your body’s organs work harder, resulting in you feeling exhausted. 
  10. Lessen your risk of cancer. Water dilutes the cancer-causing agents in your urine, reducing the risks of bladder and colon cancer.

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