The view from the top of the ladder

If Jennifer Elmore can do it, so can you: Working hard to move from the bottom rung to the top of the career ladder.

Jennifer Elmore’s résumé reads like the health care classified ads.

“I had the medical calling,” said Elmore, a nurse practitioner with Norton OB/GYN Associates. “It just took me a little while to discover how to get there.”

After graduating from high school, Elmore found an Environmental Services position at Norton Hospital.

“I knew working in housekeeping wasn’t my forever job, but for me, being able to interact with patients was one of the biggest highlights,” she said.

Following her admission into the University of Louisville’s nursing program, Elmore found a new position at Norton Hospital as a patient care associate. She immersed herself in the health care industry, taking classes during the day and working in the evening. A couple of years in, she added a new baby to the mix.

Elmore graduated and began working as a full-time nurse at the same hospital she once kept clean. Following more life and career adjustments, she graduated with her master’s degree as a women’s health nurse practitioner. She worked at a New Albany, Indiana, clinic serving underprivileged women until the federal grants supporting it ran out.

In 2014, she renewed friendships and rekindled her roots in the Norton Healthcare system.

“I get the opportunity to talk to a lot of women, especially young women, who think having a baby means they have to stop learning and growing,” Elmore said. “As simply as I can, I share some of my experience and tell them that they can totally do it.”

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