Top 10 tips for a happy, healthy Derby

Derby week doesn’t have to mean rich food, booze, sunburns and dehydration. Here’s how to stay healthy through it all.

Nothing says overindulgence like the Derby. But it doesn’t have to be rich foods, booze, sunburns and dehydration. Here are 10 tips to enjoy Derby and come out healthy on the other side:

  1. Slather on the sunscreen, regardless of the weather forecast or where you’re watching the races. Even if it’s a cloudy or cool day, you can still get sunburned. 
  2. Wear a hat! Well, duh, right? Aside from the fashionable aspects of wearing one, it’ll actually keep you cooler and protect you from the sun. 
  3. Protect your eyes by wearing wraparound sunglasses that provide 100 percent UV ray protection. 
  4. Keep the flip-flops at home. Wear shoes that will protect and provide support throughout a long day. Choose well-fitting leather or mesh fabric shoes, which allow your feet to breathe. 
  5. Stay hydrated. Alcohol quickly dehydrates your body, so be sure to alternate drinking water with other beverages. Even if you are not consuming alcohol, drink water every hour to avoid dehydration and heat-related illness. 
  6. Don’t skip meals. In addition to helping you avoid getting hangry, food will give your body energy. This is especially important if you’re drinking alcohol. Spending the day at the track can zap your energy, and you need to stay in top form to pick the winning horse! 
  7. Don’t overdo it on junk food either. Eat small portions of healthy foods throughout the day. Choose foods rich in protein and opt for some fresh fruits and veggies. Churchill Downs allows you to bring food items in clear plastic bags, so you don’t have to resort to purchasing food at the track. 
  8. Be aware of your surroundings. More than 100,000 people will be packed into the same space with you. Wear clothing that keeps your belongings secure, and never leave food, drinks or possessions unattended. 
  9. Bring medication with you. If you have diabetes or another condition in which you need to take medication on a regular schedule, be sure you bring your medication to the track. 
  10. Know that Norton Healthcare’s trained medical staff is just a short drive away in the event of an accident or emergency. Find one of our 14 neighborhood Norton Immediate Care Centers.

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