Turning the page on compassionate service

Medical librarian Cecilia Railey finds great purpose in health care research with Norton Healthcare.

A moment can change a life. That’s what happened to Cecilia Railey, then working as a library technician at Norton Healthcare in the late ’90s.

“I had a profound experience one day witnessing how one medical librarian helped a patient who had just received a devastating cancer diagnosis,” Cecilia said. 

Cecilia reflects on how the librarian was gentle with the patient, who was very emotional. While comforting the patient, the librarian also was able to provide resource contacts and other information to help the patient understand their diagnosis. Cecilia remembers seeing a change in the patient’s demeanor throughout the interaction with the librarian — from uncontrollable crying to finding resolve.

“My desire in life has always been to help people,” Cecilia said. “[The experience] triggered my helping instincts. I knew I wanted to pursue medical librarianship at that moment and enrolled in library school.”

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Cecilia is one of Norton Healthcare’s system medical librarians. In her research-based role, she provides that same compassionate service to patients that she witnessed decades ago. Cecilia can help Norton Healthcare employees who are pursuing higher education degrees with medical research to support school projects and assignments. She also provides research and health information support to providers and other staff who deliver evidence-based care. 

“Everything I do is to serve a health care provider, staff member or patient,” Cecilia said. “I love being part of the patient care process, knowing that the information I deliver to my providers helps them to deliver evidence-based care to the community.” 

Cecilia takes that same commitment to care she has in her job to activities off the clock. She volunteers for many Norton Healthcare events, including with Habitat for Humanity. 

“It’s such a joy to see the homeowner and hear their journey,” Cecilia said. “Our participation lets the community know that Norton Healthcare has their back, not just when they are in our hospitals.”

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