Video visit keeps family at home and healthy

Norton eCare delivers fast and convenient relief from symptoms

Families share everything — food, television remotes, laughter and, sometimes, sickness.

Three times in one week, Brittany Burke’s family received medical care that would normally mean a trip to the doctor’s office. All three times they got the care they needed — and saved time and money — by using Norton eCare.

Brittany knew something was wrong when her 2-year-old daughter, Rayleigh, came home from day care with pinkeye symptoms.

“She’s young and susceptible, and going to the doctor’s office to potentially be exposed to more sickness didn’t seem preferable at the time,” Brittany said.

So Brittany pulled out her phone, clicked the MyChart app and set up a video visit appointment via Norton eCare. She had an appointment in 30 minutes and a prescription not long after.

Brittany’s daughter was soon not alone in the world of video visits. Brittany started to show symptoms, then her husband, Michael, then her mother, Debbie, who helped the family during the chaos.

All four had pinkeye symptoms. All four had eCare visits.

“I assumed it was a minor illness, so having eCare as a medical option was the logical first step for all of us,” Brittany said.

Norton eCare providers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for nonurgent health concerns through a mobile device or computer. Norton eCare offers two types of visits: video visits and eVisits. A video visit is a secure, face-to-face online visit. eVisits use a symptom-specific questionnaire submitted via secure messaging. Both are available through MyNortonChart.

Brittany, who has used eCare several other times, adds that the convenience and affordability make it perfect for her and her family.

“We all know health care doesn’t happen Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and this fits together for the patient as a perfect match of health care and technology,” she said.

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