Where do I go for seasonal allergy relief?

Itchy eyes and sneezing making you miserable? Read on to learn where to go for relief.

Maybe you know the drill. The temperature rises and so do your hopes as spring seems to have finally arrived. Then it starts: the sneezing, the itchy eyes, the dry cough and sore throat. Now you remember why spring is your least favorite season.

Louisville consistently is ranked one of the worst cities for seasonal allergies. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranked Louisville the No. 6 Spring Allergy Capital for 2019.

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Common allergies in Louisville

Why Louisville? Why us?

Well, it has to do with geography and climate. We’re tucked between hills to our north and south, which allows stagnant air to trap allergens like pollen. Our area’s average temperatures and precipitation are great for tree, grass and weed growth — all pollen culprits.

According to The Weather Channel’s Allergy Tracker, common allergens in our area include:

  • Ragweed pollen
  • Grass pollen
  • Tree pollen
  • Mold

Where to go for season allergy treatment

Mild seasonal allergy symptoms such as sneezing or running nose, itchy or red eyes, or sore throat, often can be treated with over-the-counter medications. However, more severe symptoms may require a visit to a health care provider.

“Often patients visit their health care provider because they’ve tried treating their allergy symptoms with over-the-counter medications, but they aren’t working,” said Beverly Kestler, APRN, a nurse practitioner with Norton Prompt Care at Walgreens. “A health care provider will evaluate your symptoms to ensure allergies really are the cause. Then, depending on a patient’s medical history, we can recommend the right combination of medications to provide the best relief.”

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