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Getting flu from the flu shot, Neosporin in nose and other flu myths

After getting the flu vaccine, some people may feel lousy for a bit, causing them to wonder “can you get the flu from the flu shot?” If you have a mild headache, fever, nausea, muscle aches or fatigue after getting the flu shot, it’s because your body is doing what it should. The vaccine triggers…

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How to handle some of the more common bugs kids bring home from school

Germs, viruses and bacteria are back in school too. And they’re coming home which means their sick day could potentially turn into your sick day. Here are some of the more common illnesses that kids pick up in school and bring home, along with tips on how to treat them. Cold Symptoms: Sneezing, runny nose,…

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Sinus infection, allergies or common cold?

Spring in the Ohio Valley is tough — all the pollen, grass and mold spores in the air can make for a miserable couple of months for people with allergies. So tough, in fact, that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America lists Louisville as No.2 on its list of Spring Allergy Capitals. Seasonal allergies…

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Common Cold, Flu, News, Prevention and Wellness

Is it a cold or the flu?

Primary Care Norton Healthcare primary care physicians and advanced practice providers offer flu care throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana. Norton Now Signs and symptoms Influenza Cold Symptom onset Abrupt Gradual Fever Usually; lasts 3-4 days Rare Aches Usually; often severe Slight Chills Fairly common Uncommon Fatigue, weakness Usual Sometimes Sneezing Sometimes Common Stuffy nose Sometimes…

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