13 individuals and families donate more than $1.3 million

Gifts from members of the Wade Mountz Heritage Society go toward improving health care in Louisville and Southern Indiana through the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Norton Healthcare Foundation.

(Left to right, front: Russell F. Cox, Tara Hamilton, Lynnie Meyer, Roger Hale, Dana Allen, Lelia Sublett; second row: Randy Hamilton, Andrew Strausbaugh, Terrian Barnes, Karen Hale, Mike Logan, James Sublett, M.D.; third row: Kasey Fields, Jennifer Baker, Dana Hardesty, Suzanne Lammert, Kristina Reed, Jamie Whittle; fourth row: Adam Fields, David Baker Jr., Paul Hardesty, Todd Lammert, Scott Reed, Riggs Lewis.)

Thirteen individuals and families have joined the Wade Mountz Heritage Society after making gifts totaling more than $1.3 million to the Children’s Hospital Foundation and/or Norton Healthcare Foundation. Established in 2008, the society recognizes individuals who have made irrevocable planned gifts of $100,000 or more to the foundations, which benefit the hospitals and services of Norton Healthcare and Norton Children’s Hospital.

To date, members of the society have donated more than $54 million toward the future of health care in our community.

How you can help

Learn how you can support Norton Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Hospital Foundation or adult-service hospitals through the

Norton Healthcare Foundation

“We are grateful to all of the Wade Mountz Heritage Society donors for their support of health care needs in our community,” said Lynnie Meyer, Ed.D., R.N., CFRE, senior vice president and chief development officer, Norton Healthcare. “Supporting Norton Children’s Hospital and Norton Healthcare means a long-term investment in health and wellness, as well as the high-quality, high-touch, innovative care our patients have come to know and expect from our caregivers.”

The model of charitable estate planning used for the Wade Mountz Heritage Society allows individuals to leave a lasting legacy.

The Wade Mountz Heritage Society is named in honor of Norton Healthcare President Emeritus Wade Mountz and embodies many of his core values, such as his vision, leadership, character, commitment and integrity.

Members of the Wade Mountz Heritage Society are recognized at an annual dinner.

Wade Mountz Heritage Society members

2019 inductees


David Baker Jr. and Jennifer Baker

Terrian Barnes

Adam and Kasey Fields

Roger and Karen Hale

Randy and Tara Hamilton

Paul and Dana Hardesty

Todd and Suzanne Lammert

Riggs and Alicia Lewis

Mike Logan

Scott and Kristina Reed

Andy and Katherine Strausbaugh

Jamie Whittle

Previous inductees


William Abel Jr. and Amy Abel – 2016

Wilbur E. Amick – 2017

Matthew P. and Jenny Ayers – 2015

Michael and Tina Ballard – 2015

Max G. Baumgardner – 2008*

Lynn Bayus – 2018

Mary Jo Bean – 2017

Dorothy Beaulieu – 2011

Wes and Kelly Blair – 2012

Alexander and Sarah Bumpas – 2017

Lawrence Butterfield Jr. – 2018

Joseph and Ellen Checota – 2017

Walter Clare – 2016

W. Stewart and Ann Cobb – 2016

Brittany Cook – 2018

Russell F. and Kathy Cox – 2010

Elizabeth P. Cressman, M.D. – 2010

Glenda L. Dangremond – 2011

Karen Donahue and Jay Trumbo – 2018

Jonathan E. Dubins – 2008*

Philip B. Dydynski, M.D. and Rebecca Dydynski – 2017

Justin and Natalie Edwards – 2018

William J. Ehrig Jr. and Coleen Ehrig – 2008*

Douglas J. Eighmey Jr. and Karen Eighmey – 2008*

Michael Evans and Jennifer Evans, M.D. – 2018

Robert D. and Jennifer Evans – 2011

James M. Frazier, M.D., and Erin R. Frazier, M.D. – 2013

Shelley Gast – 2012

Michael W. and Judy Gough – 2013

Clinton and Jean Grosz – 2017

Craig and Cis Gruebbel – 2012

R.K. and Ann Guillaume – 2008*

John and Jamie Hammond – 2018

John and Anne Harryman – 2011

Ray and Mary Hass – 2009

Albin B. Hayes Jr. and Anne Hayes – 2008*

John Hays – 2016

Christopher and Shari Head – 2017

Steven J. Heilman, M.D. and Tiffany Rieser, M.D. – 2014

Charlotte Hemann – 2010

Steven T. Hester, M.D. and Lisa Hester – 2011

Robin Ipsan, Charlotte Ipsan, DNP, and Ian Ipsan – 2012

Debbie Irwin – 2008*

Todd A. and Lee Margaret Johnson – 2013

Gregory L. Juhl, M.D., and Suzanne Juhl – 2017

Adam and Denise Kempf – 2017

Mark and Julie Kircher – 2014

Thomas D. and Tammy Kmetz – 2011

Jeff Knight – 2013

Jason and Jennifer Kron – 2013

Peter and Kathy Lamb – 2017

Todd and Stephanie Lanham – 2018

Jeff and Diane Lilly – 2015

C. Robert Marcum – 2018

Mary Lynn Meyer – 2010

David and Linda Miles – 2013

William T. Mills III, Connie Mills and family – 2009

Anthony and Pam Missi – 2017

Tony and Donna Morgan – 2014

Wade Mountz and the late Betty Mountz – 2008*

Mark and Lindsay Moussette – 2016
Steve and Elizabeth Mullins – 2009

Kevin and Belinda Muench – 2016

Edith H. Nixon – 2015

Gouverneur H. Nixon Jr. and Edie Nixon – 2012

Bradley and Deann Nunn – 2011

George and Kerrie O’Rourke – 2012

George A. Pacinelli – 2014

Stuart and Rita Pardee – 2016

W.L. Paris and Kristie J. Paris, M.D. – 2015

Rolando Puno, M.D., and Regina Puno, M.D. – 2015

Emmett Ramser Jr. and Barbara Ramser – 2014

Steve Ready Jr. and Amy Ready – 2016

Jonathan H. Reinstine, M.D., and S. Paige Hertweck, M.D. – 2014

Matt and Debbie Rickert – 2016

Tonii and Martha Rizzo – 2013

Donald H. and Karen Robinson – 2018

G. Hunt and Cindy Rounsavall – 2008*

Todd Schmiedeler – 2010

Eric and Nikki Seto – 2013

Robert and Sarah Shaw – 2010

Paul and Cindi Shrader – 2010 Scott and Tammy Skinner – 2016

John L. Smart Jr. and Leslie Smart – 2011

Gary L. and Cheryl Stewart – 2008*

James Sublett, M.D. and Lelia Sublett – 2018

The late Samuel G. Swope – 2012

L.E. “Sonny” and Charlotte S. Tharp – 2008*

Mike and Debbie Waiz – 2013

Amy Walton – 2012

Kevin and Linda Wardell – 2011

Katie Watkins – 2015

Rick and Mary Ann Watkins – 2014

Scott and Pamela Watkins – 2011

Michael and Tara White – 2018

Stephen A. and Kathy Williams – 2010
Tracy E. Williams, DNP – 2016

Dick and Ardis Wilson – 2012

Douglas and Katie Winkelhake – 2013

Richard S. Wolf, M.D., and Mary Bert Wolf – 2011
Stephen P. Wright, M.D., and L. Diane Wright – 2012

Brian and Mandi Yarberry – 2014

The late Clancy B. York – 2009

*Charter member

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