3 things to know about the cancer screening that could save your lungs and your life

Knowing what to expect from your computed tomography (CT) lung cancer screening and follow-up may ease your worries.

If you’re eligible to receive a lung cancer screening using a low-dose computed tomography (CT) scan, you may have some anxiety about your results. Knowing what to expect from your CT lung cancer screening and follow-up will help you feel prepared and may help ease your worries. Here are 3 things to know about your CT scan and follow-up:

Your lung cancer screening results

  1. Once your scan is complete, your physician or our dedicated lung screening nurse navigator will contact you to discuss your results. Your physician may recommend that you be seen at Norton Cancer Institute’s Comprehensive Lung Center. The nurse navigator will discuss this with you and assist with scheduling an appointment.

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Lung cancer prevention and detection

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Lung CT screening results over time

  1. The Comprehensive Lung Center was established because lung screening is not a simple one-step procedure, but a complex process of interpreting multiple screening exams over time to look for early lung cancer. A critical part of the process is the ability to detect tiny lung nodules by low-dose CT and to compare the nodules for changes in size over time. This requires trained and experienced professionals using up-to-date, specialized equipment and evidence-based practices.

Additional lung cancer testing options

  1. You will meet with a lung specialist and review your CT scan together. Recommendations for additional scans or testing will be discussed with you and scheduled while you are at the lung center. You also will meet with the lung screening nurse navigator to discuss quitting smoking if appropriate. Your primary care provider will be notified of any recommendations.

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The overall goals of the screening program are to identify early-stage lung cancer so that it can be treated more successfully.

Norton Healthcare also offers support to help you stop smoking. Click here to learn more.

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