7 lame excuses why you think you can’t ride

Stop making excuses for not participating in the Bike to Beat Cancer. Use these tips to get over yourself.

What is the Bike to Beat Cancer? It’s a grassroots effort to raise funds to cure cancer and eliminate suffering right here in our own community. The dollars raised go toward research, support services, educational programs and therapeutic resources for patients of Norton Cancer Institute, including kids with cancer at Norton Children’s Hospital. The 35-, 65- or 100-mile bike trek (or 5-mile family ride) is on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016.

Top 7 lame excuses you haven’t signed up yet

I don’t have a bike.

We know how you can get one.

Tip: Sign up for the ride and receive 15 percent off equipment at several local bike shops.

I haven’t ridden a bike in forever.

Sounds like now is the perfect time to start again.

Tip:Sign up and take part in group training rides happening every week up until the ride on Sept. 17.

My bike’s not good enough.

You don’t need an ultra-expensive, ultra-lightweight racing bike. That old one collecting dust in your garage will probably do just fine. Just get it checked out first.

Tip: Bring your bike to a local bike shop for inspection or a group training ride, and our cycling leader will give it a once-over.

I don’t think I can raise the $400.

Actually, that’s the easiest part of the event.


  • Choose someone to ride for — a loved one or friend who was lost to cancer or has survived cancer. His or her family and friends will jump at the chance to honor the person with a donation.
  • If your birthday falls before the ride on Sept. 17, ask for donations instead of gifts.
  • Use Facebook and Twitter to share your fundraising page with your social network. Be sure to include your personal connection to cancer.
  • Time social media posts with paydays for even better results!
  • Give family, friends and social network updates on your training progress. This prompts them to think again about donating.
  • Have a talent? Perhaps baking or crafting? Hold a bake or craft sale at your workplace, church or favorite hangout.
  • Clean out your closets and have a yard sale.
  • Get creative: hold a car wash, corn hole tournament or chili cook-off.
  • See if your company matches charitable donations.

I am not in good enough shape.

If 13.7 million Americans can survive cancer, you can survive a bike ride.

Tip: Our weekly training rides lead by a professional instructor will prepare you in no time. Still don’t think you can ride? Volunteer at the event or become a virtual rider.

I don’t look good in bike shorts.

Neither does anyone else.

Tip: Embrace comfort over vanity. Those bike shorts provide cushion for your keister! Or just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

I don’t like to get sweaty.

Really? … Really?

Tip: The Bike to Beat Cancer includes frequent pit stops stocked with refreshments. Plus, you’ll be burning calories, which means after you cross the finish line you can enjoy a hearty meal from Qdoba that much more.

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