7 ways to knock out allergies without medication

Say goodbye to the Ohio Valley Crud!

Want to avoid “medicine head” but get some relief from allergy symptoms? Try these quick fixes you can do at home:

Saline nasal spray: Use it daily to clear away pollen; start using it before you feel symptoms.

Change your clothes when you come inside: Leave the pollen at the door (or in the hamper). If you’ve been outside for a long time, take a shower before changing into clean clothes.

Need fast relief for allergies?

If at-home fixes and over-the-counter medicine aren’t doing the trick, get fast relief with a trip to a Norton Immediate Care Center. Find the location nearest you and schedule an appointment online to avoid a wait.

Need long-term management for allergies?

Then it’s time to see a primary care provider.

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Save outdoor workouts for evening: Most pollen is released from trees and plants in morning and mid-day, so plan your outdoor workout for the evening.

Essential oils: Peppermint and eucalyptus oils can relieve hay fever symptoms. Use them in a room diffuser for relief, or combine them with coconut oil and massage it into your temples. Lemon and tea tree oils can be mixed with purified water and a little vinegar, then sprayed around your home.

Sunglasses: Never leave home without them. Sunglasses keep pollen out of your eyes, reducing itchy, watery peepers.

Himalayan salt lamps: They purportedly remove dust, dander and other particles from the air, leaving you with less allergy and cough symptoms.

Eat more chicken (or at least stay away from beef): Studies show people who eat trans oleic acid, found mostly in beef and dairy, are three times more likely to have hay fever symptoms than those who eat very little of it.

“If you have moderate seasonal allergies, these fixes can definitely provide relief,” said Rachel Alexander, APRN, nurse practitioner with Norton eCare. “Unfortunately, our location in the Ohio Valley can cause severe symptoms, in which case antihistamines or prescription medications may be necessary. However, these at-home remedies could lessen how much medication you need to take.”

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