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90 Days to a New Habit

Over a series of blogs, Elicia shares her journey to create new healthy habits while working, parenting, and attempting to be a good wife (not necessarily in that order).

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Carter, Ph.D., a nationally recognized author, speaker and “happiness expert.” As a fan of Carter’s ever since reading her first book, “Raising Happiness,” I had been eager to bring her to Louisville as a speaker for Go Confidently, Norton Healthcare’s community speaker series. When I finally realized that goal in December, Carter proved herself every bit as knowledgeable and fun in person as she appeared to be in her books, and, to top it all off, she’s met Oprah (more about my Oprah obsession admiration in the weeks to come)!

After Carter went back home to California and the craziness of the holidays came and went, I decided to take a few minutes of “me time” to browse her website … and her homepage greeted me with this pledge: “90 Days to a New Habit (That Sticks!),” which is a free 12-week coaching program. Now, if there is anyone who could put this promotional promise to the test, it is me, dear reader. As evidence, I have a collection of sporadically collected Weight Watchers membership booklets whose lifespan is longer than my 17-year-long marriage. Also, a couple of years ago I was a member of a team for a fitness challenge at work until a brave soul asked me (his boss, no less!) if I would please unenroll myself because I was severely dragging down the team score and ruining any chance of their victory (sorry, Chris; and, yes, he still works with me). I couldn’t even consistently keep my water consumption up for yet another team wellness challenge. (can you tell we’re focused on our health here at Norton Healthcare?)

So, I will stop there before this gets too dreadfully pathetic and share some good news, which is that I am currently on round 87ish of Weight Watchers and I am about halfway to my goal of losing 40 pounds. I don’t know if others have experienced this self-awareness when they’re on to something and feeling committed and confident, versus when they feel they’re on a slippery slope, knowing deep down inside that they will probably be scarfing a hot fudge sundae before their head even hits the pillow that night — but I am feeling good and proud of the path I have been on since Halloween. (That was the day I went back to Weight Watchers, and I can say that not one piece of Halloween candy passed my lips in 2015 — or, so far, in 2016!). So it is with this burst of confidence that I bravely chose to “click this banner to enroll,”, and just like that I was the newest member in Carter’s coaching class.

Tune in next week to find answers to all your burning questions … Did I get roundly rejected by the private Facebook group? Did I eat the chalky Reese’s pumpkin discovered in the couch cushion? Did I get asked by my boss to not write another blog? I could go on and on, I know ….

Over a series of blogs, Elicia shares her journey to create new healthy habits while working, parenting, and attempting to be a good wife (not necessarily in that order)

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