A volunteer’s heart

During National Volunteer Week, we salute the late Sister Ann Moloney who volunteered at Norton Children’s Hospital.

Sister Ann Elizabeth Molony devoted her life to service. Between 1992 and 2012, she volunteered more than 22,000 hours rocking babies at Norton Children’s Hospital. After Sister Ann passed away in 2015, Tonya Anderson, R.N., infant development specialist at Norton Children’s Hospital, was moved to write a poem in her honor. The poem is on display at Norton Children’s Hospital.

During National Volunteer Week, April 10 to 16, 2016, we want to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to our patients.

“Tiny Warrior”
Tonya Anderson, R.N., infant development specialist, Norton Children’s Hospital

Tiny fingers, hands, feet and toes,
And oh, such a cute little gumdrop nose.
Born way too soon, yes we know,
But we’ll do all we can to help you grow.

Life in the NICU is hardly a treat.
However, the nurses here just can’t be beat.
Yes, you will have to be brave and strong,
Don’t worry; we’ll stay by your side all day and night long.

On your mommy’s chest is where you really belong.
Nestled and secure as she sings you a sweet song.
Kangarooing is best for your mommy and you,
So we’ll help her see this journey through.

Life in the NICU — a roller coaster ride, it’s true.
There are days when all we can say is “whew!”
IVs and vents and heel sticks — oh, my!
At times we just want to hold you and cry.

It’s hard to do some of the things we must do,
Because we know it hurts; it hurts us too …
A gentle touch, a comforting hand.
Stay strong; one day you’ll build castles in the sand.

You can do it, you’re a warrior; you’ve a battle to win,
And before you know it, you’ll be playing with friends!
Your strength is amazing and oh, how you fight!
To us you truly are a ray of light.

We care for you and your family too.
It’s who we are; it’s just what we do.
We persevere because you give us hope,
As we try to help you and your family cope.

Tiny gals and guys who give life their all,
So very small, but they stand quite tall.
They win our hearts; we stay in awe.
Yes, a NICU nurse’s heart has room for one and all.

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