Bike to Beat Cancer: Dr. Joseph Flynn pedals for a cure

You can take part by riding, volunteering, donating or cycling from home or the gym

My favorite time of year is fast approaching — no, not my birthdayBike to Beat Cancer!

For those who have spent time with me, you know I am passionate about Norton Cancer Institute’s mission to cure cancer and eliminate suffering. I’m equally as passionate about accomplishing this mission through Bike to Beat Cancer.

In case you don’t know, Bike to Beat Cancer is a one-day bicycling event in which cyclists can choose to ride 35, 65 or 100 miles. A 5-mile family ride also is available. All dollars raised go directly to support our mission at Norton Cancer Institute.

Cancer is personal to me. My mother died from chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 1991, and my dad has been battling cancer for the past four years. As an oncologist, I have spent the past two decades working with thousands of patients and families on their cancer journeys.

I know I am not alone. I’m sure cancer has touched you either personally or through a loved one. By participating in the Bike to Beat Cancer, I feel that I am able to support those who need our help. I would encourage anyone whose life has been directly or indirectly affected by cancer to ride.

“I’m not a rider,” you say. Last I checked, none of the riders on the Tour de France looked like me. So, if I can ride, most anyone can ride 35 miles with minimal training. Plus, the 5-mile distance is definitely within most anyone’s abilities.

Bike to Beat Cancer

For information about this year’s event, including how to donate, participate or volunteer, visit:

Don’t know where to start? Don’t own bike shorts? The Bike to Beat Cancer team is here to support you along the way and get you rolling.

Don’t own a bike? Not a fan of riding on the road? We have a perfect new opportunity for you this year: the Virtual Ride. This option lets you ride from the comfort of your home or at your favorite gym. Or, you can come out and join in the excitement at the event by riding on a spin bike in our Virtual Ride tent at the finish line.

Through military service and a professional career path that brought me to Louisville and Norton Cancer Institute, I’m fortunate to have a great network of family, friends and colleagues. So I am personally reaching out to those I know across the globe and asking them to join my team and ride virtually. You can do the same!

Can you imagine having hundreds or even thousands of riders uniting around the world to join us in the fight against cancer? Wow!

The Bike to Beat Cancer truly is more than just a ride. It is determination, camaraderie, perseverance, excitement and endurance. It is an experience on wheels. With each turn of the pedal you are telling cancer you will not be defeated. You are helping us get closer to a cure.

Look, I know we’re all pulled in a million directions. I promise that whether you ride, volunteer or donate for a rider, you will find — as I have — that supporting the Bike to Beat Cancer gives you back much more than what you put into it.

Whether you do this for your own health, for team building or because you want to take a stand against cancer, I hope you will join me as we Bike to Beat Cancer. There’s also lots of yummy snacks along the way if that helps convince you to sign up.


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