Bike to Beat Cancer: Plan for fun and safety

Here are some tips on preparing for your ride and what to expect along the way.

As Bike to Beat Cancer nears, it’s time to think about safety and what to expect on your ride.

What to Bring

  • Wear athletic shoes (not sandals), shorts and tank top or cycling shorts and jersey.
  • Helmet should be properly fit and buckled.
  • Bring identification, your phone, a cue sheet for the route, a repair kit to fix a flat and maybe some snacks and a bottle of hydration.
  • Choose highly visible colors, or maybe even add a bright light.
  • Consider adding some mirrors to either your handlebars or your helmet

Prepare With the ABCs

Air, brakes and chain. Inflate your tires every time before you go riding. Check your brakes; make sure they’re working. Ensure your chain is on the cog on the back and in the chain ring up front.

On the Route

  • Carry a cue sheet with the route directions and turns.
  • Even better, download the RaceJoy app for iPhone or Android. It’s like a GPS for cycling, and your friends and family can follow along remotely.
  • You’ll see signs along the route.
    • Yellow arrow signs tell you where to go.
    • Caution signs signal you to slow down.
  • Obey stop signs and stop lights, and be aware of the traffic around you. Try to ride single-file on busy roads.
  • Pit stops will offer plenty of hydration, plenty of food, and plenty of fun.
  • Vehicles and mechanical support will be along the route to help.

Bike to Beat Cancer

Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019
Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro
4955 Norton Healthcare Blvd.
Louisville, Kentucky

Learn more and sign up at:

Communicate With Riders and Cars

  • Use the proper hand signals for right turn, a left turn and stopping.
  • Use verbal cues to make sure riders around you know if you’re slowing down or stopping.

Road Hazards and Weather

  • Slow down if it starts raining. Your brakes might take a little longer to work, and roads get slippery.
  • Cross railroad tracks at a 90-degree angle to stay upright the whole time.
  • Watch out for potholes and road debris. Gravel gets a little tricky and a little slippery.
  • Keep about a distance of about three feet between you and other riders and the shoulder of the road.
  • When you’re passing, make sure you yell out “On your left!” because we always pass on the left.

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