Celebrating Men’s Health Month with whole grains and healthy fats

When it comes to fueling the body, men have their own specific nutritional needs. Try these avocado toast recipes on sprouted grain bread for a healthy start to the day.

When it comes to fueling the body, men have their own specific nutritional needs. Thinking of food as fuel that can help fight disease and keep you looking and feeling younger is a great way to relate to your plate. Thinking about the action that each food is going to take inside the body can be a motivator for taking in more of the right things and minimizing foods that fight against you.

A healthy diet for men includes fruits and vegetables daily; whole and intact grains as opposed to white, refined grains; 30 to 38 grams of fiber per day; plenty of unsaturated fat sources like oils and nuts; an extra boost of potassium (found in fruits, vegetables, fish and milk) and plenty of protein.

Usually larger and higher in muscle mass than women, men require more calories. Based on your height, weight and activity level, an active male may need as many as 2,800 calories a day. Now, does that give you permission to load up on fried foods, processed meat and potato chips? No. It just means you may need more of the good stuff than your female counterpart.

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Speaking of meat, try focusing on decreasing it. Excessive meat intake is not necessary for building muscle mass and can lead to health concerns like heart disease and colorectal cancer. There is plenty of protein in plant-based sources like beans, lentils, nuts, nut spreads, seeds and soy-based foods to make up a large portion of your daily protein needs.

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Erin Wiedmar is a registered dietitian nutritionist with Norton Healthcare.

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