Certified nurse midwife dropped medical school plans to spend more time at the bedside

Nurse midwife’s passion for labor and delivery solidified during training.

Bianca G. Weaver, certified nurse midwife, always knew she wanted to be in a profession in which she cared for people. Initially she thought she would study to be a physician, but as she realized that she wanted to help patients in the hospital more and provide long-term care, she changed her course of studies. She found nursing to be the right fit.

Eventually, she chose to be a nurse practitioner who specializes in midwifery. As a certified nurse midwife, she practices at Advocates for Women’s Health, a Part of Norton Women’s Care.

Coming back to where her interest started

Bianca’s interest in medicine, particularly labor/delivery and women’s care, started at a very young age. Her father is an obstetrician. She recalled going with him to see patients and check on babies. She even sat in on a few deliveries.

“My father was definitely a big influence in my career,” Bianca said. “He helped further my interest in medicine and nursing.”

This background helped guide Bianca into her career as a nurse midwife with the desire to care for patients in the hospital and over their lifetime.

After graduating with a degree from Indiana University Bloomington, she made the leap into nursing school merely two days after graduation. She enrolled and completed the one-year accelerated nursing program at Bellarmine University in Louisville and began caring for women in the labor and delivery unit at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

She quickly knew that she wanted to further her education in order to care for patients over a longer span of time and develop a personal rapport. She initially enrolled in an adult-geriatric nurse practitioner program but realized it was not the right fit.

“I was days away from starting my clinical rotation for the adult nurse practitioner certification when an OB/GYN physician approached. She asked me about my career plans,” Bianca said. “The doctor asked me if I would be happy with my upcoming degree. And I had to be honest, no, I wasn’t happy with the thought of never delivering another baby.”

That’s when Bianca knew she wanted to change her career path. Within two days, she had enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, but this time as a midwifery major. She couldn’t be happier that she did. In the 2½ years it took to complete the program, Bianca studied under skilled certified nurse midwives and physicians to learn how to care for the gynecological and obstetrical needs of women.

That first meeting of mother and child

There are many parts of the labor and delivery process that Bianca enjoys experiencing alongside her patients. Perhaps her favorite is when mom and baby meet for the first time.

“There’s a moment of pure joy — and relief — when a mom is holding her baby for the first time. It’s a true honor for me to be a part of that,” she said.

Considering a midwife?

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Bianca strives to be present with each delivering mom as much as possible.

“Part of the prenatal process is establishing a relationship with women, earning their trust and respect. Labor is an extremely vulnerable time, and I want women to have total comfort in knowing that I am there,” she said. “The literal meaning of midwife is ‘with women,’ and that is exactly what I strive to do — supporting, encouraging or just holding space.”

Bianca also provides gynecological care to women of all ages. Educating young women who are beginning to plan for a family or supporting women who are nearing menopause are areas of care that she can address.

In her spare time, Bianca and her husband enjoy spending time together with their dogs — two English bulldogs, Charlotte and Winnie. Bianca enjoys listening to music, especially the Beatles. Leadership has always been in her blood. Before she was making decisions in the delivery room, Bianca was president of her junior and senior classes at Assumption High School in Louisville.

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