Daniel Plan: Love the food that loves you back

Learn a new approach to food and wellness

Now that we are well into the Daniel Plan book club, if you are reading along you should be growing more aware of the environment around you and any unhealthy triggers that exist in it. Food exists just about everywhere and can sabotage our efforts toward improving our health.

Stop and think about the places and moments where food is consumed in a less than intentional way — celebrating a co-worker’s birthday with a slice of cake. Grabbing a candy bar to eat in the car between driving to soccer practice and piano lessons. Snacking on popcorn while watching a basketball game. Taking part in your church’s Sunday potluck.

Because we are likely to face some type of battle with food on just about a daily basis, chapter 4 allows us the space to explore our relationship with food and to learn the importance of loving food that loves you back.

Simple, real, fresh, delicious, nutrient-packed foods that are easy to cook; food that comes from a farmer’s field rather than a factory; food that traveled the shortest distance from the field to your fork — that is what we should eat.

Explore where your food comes from in this video:

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