Painless finger pricking – here’s how to do it

You're more apt to check your numbers if finger pricks don't hurt. Here’s how.

If you have diabetes, checking your blood sugar with a finger prick is something you have to do. Not because your doctor says so, but because you want to feel good. Right? Right?

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You’re more apt to check your numbers regularly if your fingers don’t hurt. Here’s how to make it painless:

  • Prick only warm fingers. If your hands are cold, shake them before pricking.
  • Use a new lancet every time. They get dull quickly and dull = pain.
  • Don’t use alcohol sanitizer. Alcohol dries out skin, causing it to crack and become painful.
  • Steer clear of the fingertip. Prick the sides of your finger. The tips have more nerve endings.
  • Don’t forget the thumb. It can be less sensitive because it’s usually more callused.
  • No squeezing. If a droplet doesn’t form, hold your hand below your waist for 5 seconds instead of squeezing the finger.
  • Try tea tree oil on sore fingers to soothe and help heal.

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