Get a free apple at a Norton Healthcare cafeteria

Friday is National Eat a Red Apple Day

Dec. 1 is National Eat a Red Apple Day. Norton Healthcare is celebrating by offering guests of our cafeterias a free apple.

If eaten as part of a healthy diet, apples really can help keep the doctor away. People just aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows only one in 10 U.S. adults is getting the recommended number of servings. That’s two servings of fruit and three of vegetables each day. The lack of produce in your diet can affect your health, including your gut health.

Feeling the bloat? It could be chronic constipation

According to Erin Wiedmar, clinical nutritionist with Norton Healthcare’s employee wellness program, one of the most common signs that you aren’t eating enough produce is gut health. That includes chronic constipation and feeling bloated.

“Fruits and vegetables are nature’s cure for gut issues,” Wiedmar said. “They provide us with the nutrients we need to feel our best.”

A prebiotic a day

Adding apples to your diet can get your gut health on track. Apples have a strong metabolic benefit due to their prebiotic effect. They help support balanced bacteria in our lower digestive tract.

“A strong bacteria community in your body can make you healthier,” Wiedmar said. “Eating an apple a day supports the healthy bacteria in your body and can help keep the doctor away!”

Visit a Norton Healthcare cafeteria Friday, Dec. 1, and enjoy a free red apple. Use #NationalEatARedAppleDay and share a picture.

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