Finding purpose and work-life balance at Norton Healthcare

Jacob has worn many career hats over the years and considers Norton

Jacob McTaggart, patient care associate, Norton Brownsboro Hospital, joined Norton Healthcare in September 2018.

Jacob joined the military at just 16 years old with plans for a long career in the Army. After an injury, Jacob unexpectedly became an early retiree and had to start over with his career search. He found a career in demolition as a project manager. However, he soon realized that path did not offer much work-life balance and recognition for hard work.

“In 2017, I was with my family a total of 45 days. That was a wake-up call for me,” Jacob said.

He decided he needed a career change. After being baptized in early 2018, Jacob realized his role in life was to lift up others. Health care seemed like the perfect fit.

“I spent much of my career taking from others. I wanted to find a career where I could give back and help others through their challenges,” Jacob said.

Jacob obtained his certified nursing assistant license and began working for Norton Healthcare as a patient care associate. He has since been accepted into a nursing program. He understands the importance of creating great human interactions with his patients and their families, and also sees the value in doing so with his team.

“My team cares for each other. We treat each other like family. This is the most caring atmosphere I have ever been a part of,” Jacob said.

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Jacob credits his positive experience at Norton Healthcare to his teammates and his leaders for creating an atmosphere that makes him excited to arrive for his third-shift schedule.

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“Jacob is such a hard worker, dedicated to this position and always so positive and willing to step up,” said Miriam Haas, R.N., medical/surgical manager, Norton Brownsboro Hospital. “Jacob always comes to work ready to provide each patient and co-worker with the greatest human interactions he can, many times going above and beyond to exceed the needs and expectations set before him.”

Jacob has worn many career hats over the years and considers Norton Healthcare to be a blessing in his life that has benefited not only him, but also his entire family.

“I am able to enjoy breakfast with my wife every day. I’ve seen the positive impact being present has had on my daughters. It’s been everything my family needed,” he said.

Since joining Norton Healthcare, Jacob has the work-life balance he had dreamed of. His team strongly believes in the power of appreciation, and he has received countless expressions of gratitude from his work family.

“He has been such a joy to the unit, and we are all so happy he joined our team!” Miriam said.

Jacob is grateful to his leadership team and peers for all they have done for him.

“It’s the little things that mean the most to me. I’ve never had that in a career before,” Jacob said.

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