Generations of inspiration help health care worker rise to the COVID-19 challenge

Chandra Weathers was instrumental in setting up the Norton Clinical Command Center to adapt to a rapidly evolving situation across Norton Healthcare.

Chandra Weathers got her drive to succeed from two very important women in her life — her mother and grandmother.

“They instilled in me a drive to do great things, to make a difference and leave my mark on the world,” Chandra said.

Chandra was called to draw on that drive early in the COVID-19 pandemic. She was instrumental in setting up the Norton Clinical Command Center to adapt to a rapidly evolving situation across the Norton Healthcare system.

“We worked at a rapid yet effective speed to overcome challenges and to drive awareness and education throughout the organization,” Chandra said. “We were able to develop sustainable solutions on the spot and attempt to prepare for the unknown.”

As part of the response, Chandra helped establish a centralized pre-admission testing site at Norton Healthcare Pavilion and then helped decentralize it once the task could be handled by more sites.

“This work allowed me to cross paths with countless new people within the organization who poured knowledge into me that will continue to benefit me and my work,” Chandra said.

Chandra, who is director of clinical effectiveness for the health system, has taken part in several professional development opportunities through Norton Healthcare. She also credits her leader for supporting her growth.

Chandra always has had a spark in her to step up and make a difference, according to her leader, Mark Johnson, system director for clinical effectiveness and quality.

“From the time I first met Chandra, I felt this amazing positive energy from her,” Mark said. “She demonstrates this each and every day she is at work. No matter the complexity of the project, she always takes on each project with a positive, can-do attitude and delivers great results.”

Chandra joined Norton Healthcare in 2016 as an oncology coordinator in the research department. Her interactions with patients and clinical staff in that role inspired her to expand her knowledge of health care. As a clinical effectiveness coordinator she felt she could do just that.

“I took on additional responsibilities to continuously learn and grow, and I wasn’t afraid to work outside my comfort zone in clinical areas that were not familiar to me,” Chandra said.

She has some advice to other women looking to grow their careers: “Don’t let anyone talk you out of your hopes and dreams. When you’re faced with a challenge, push through, even when it feels impossible, keep pushing.”

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