Gun safety for kids

There may be no guns in your house, but your children could come across one in a friend’s home or anywhere else. Make sure their curiosity doesn’t lead to injury or worse.

Sometimes families have guns in the house for protection or for hunting, but any gun can bedangerous. A baby is strong enough to pull the trigger.

If guns are part of your family culture, expose older kids to guns by showing them how to safely handle and secure them.

This will help them develop respect for guns and how to handle them safely.

You should ask the parents of your child’s friends if there are guns in their homes. If your child is unfamiliar with guns, curiosity can lead to danger and harm.

If your children show signs of depression, store guns outside of the home. Suicide is a leading cause of death among teens and 10 times more likely when guns are in the home. The best way to prevent gun injuries is to not have guns in your house.

Gun safety lessons for kids

If another kid shows you a gun

  • Stop.
  • Don’t touch it.
  • Leave the area.
  • Tell an adult.

It is never OK to touch a gun, unless a grown-up or parent is supervising.

Guns are not something to play with. If there is a gun in your own home:

  • NEVER get it out and show your friends.
  • If you ever see a gun, don’t touch it! You may think the gun is a toy, but it could be a real gun.
  • Always think that a gun is loaded. Don’t ever touch a gun or pick it up.
  • If you see a gun at school in a jacket, coat or backpack, don’t say anything to the student. Go tell the closest adult or teacher you can find.

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