Herniated disc doesn’t stop Lynsey Buege from training for Kentucky physique and bikini competition

A spine surgery to treat a herniated disc gets patient back into the gym and preparing for the 2019 Kentucky Muscle competition.

Lynsey Buege from Bullitt County, Kentucky, spent six days a week at the Bullitt County YMCA training for fitness competitions. But last year after placing second at the regional level, Lynsey began noticing a pain in her leg while she trained for nationals.

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan uncovered a herniated disc in Lynsey’s lower spine. She was treated by R. Kirk Owens, M.D., orthopedic surgeon with Norton Leatherman Spine. Dr. Owens performed a common surgery, called a lumbar discectomy.

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According to Dr. Owens, despite what people may think, with some conditions, you can go back to normal activity levels after a successful spine surgery.

Lynsey had to stay out of the gym for six months after her surgery. Now she’s working out again and training for the Kentucky Muscle competition, with a goal to compete in nationals.

Dr. Owens supports Lynsey’s fitness goals. As long as fitness training is done right, it’s better than no activity, according to Dr. Owens.

Lynsey and Dr. Owens shared the story of Lynsey’s injury, surgery and recovery with local media. You can watch the video or read details here.

Story highlights:

  • Lynsey began feeling pain in her leg that started around her lower spine and went down to her ankle.
  • Her pain worsened, which is why she decided to get it checked out.
  • According to Dr. Owens, the lower spine is the most common area for a herniated disc.
  • After surgery for certain conditions, patients can get back to a high level of activity, according to Dr. Owens.

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