How many eggs can you eat per week?

Too much cholesterol or a good source of protein? Don’t eat more than an average of one egg per day — six to seven a week.

Years ago we were told that eggs were bad for you and high in cholesterol. Now some view eggs as a good source of protein and vitamins. Which is true?

Both. When eggs are consumed in an excessive amount per week, they may not be as good as they are cracked up to be. Excessive egg consumption could lead to high cholesterol levels if you’re not careful.

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The culprit is saturated and trans fats in your diet. Instead of pairing your eggs with white toast loaded in butter, consider whole wheat toast with avocado on top.

Eggs contain quality protein and are also a source of healthy fats like omega-3. According to the Heart Foundation, you can safely eat up to six to seven eggs each week, or no more than one per day on average.

The healthiest ways to cook eggs are boiled, poached or scrambled. Eating only the egg whites helps too. If you are looking for an alternative for high protein, consider chickpeas, peanut butter, almonds, chicken breasts, oats, Greek yogurt, milk and quinoa.

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