How technology can help you heal

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to get care

How many times have you suffered through symptoms because you couldn’t get off work or your family’s schedule was too busy? We all can relate. As a nurse practitioner, my goal has always been to provide patients with safe and quality care, but I found that this care often wasn’t convenient for my patients.

Through Norton eCare, we have found a way to ease this common issue. Technology has added convenience to almost every aspect of our lives, from shopping to paying bills to ordering groceries. So why couldn’t technology make health care more convenient?

That’s how Norton eCare came to be. It not only allows me to provide my patients with safe and quality care, but allows my patients to use the convenience of the technology that already is in their hands.

Through Norton eCare, patients can receive care through two convenient online options without leaving their home, office or where ever they may be. Through a same-day video visit, patients can have a secure face-to-face visit with a Norton eCare nurse practitioner from their computer or mobile device.  Or, patients can submit an eVisit questionnaire from their computer about their symptoms and receive a call with a treatment plan within four hours.

“This service is incredible; I can’t believe how convenient it was!” said Jenny, a working mom of two, who finally got relief through a Norton eCare visit. “I couldn’t make it into the doctor’s office or an immediate care center with my work schedule and my kids’ sports schedules. I would’ve just suffered through my symptoms and not gotten any better.” Norton eCare is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Appointments typically can be scheduled within 30 minutes at a cost of $40.

John works 50 hours a week and cares for his ill father in the evenings. He had a rash on his arm and wanted me to look at it to make sure that it wasn’t contagious. He was able to schedule a video visit with me while on his break at work.

“I was able to complete the visit while on my 30-minute lunch break,” he said. “I never had to leave my desk! A 20-minute appointment actually only took 20 minutes!” I hear comments like this from almost every patient I treat through Norton eCare. The next time you do not feel well, try a video visit or an eVisit through Norton eCare. We will help you manage your symptoms when it’s convenient for you.

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