Passion for inclusion drives employee to make a change

Norton Healthcare celebrates Pride Month with employee profiles

NPride, Norton Healthcare’s LGBTQ and allies’ employee resource group, celebrates Pride Month by recognizing a few of our notable employee members.

Nick Clark, manager in Norton Healthcare’s marketing and communications department, has been a champion of inclusion since joining the organization in 2014. He’s stepped up in a big way to promote LGBTQ equality at Norton Healthcare and throughout our community. In fact, he considers his work to support LGBTQ patient care to be some of the most rewarding of his career.

In addition to being a member of NPride, Nick serves on Norton Healthcare’s Inclusion Council. He also played a key role in coordinating Norton Healthcare’s first-ever sponsorship of the 2017 Louisville Pride Festival held in September.

“This was the third year for the Louisville Pride Festival, and nearly 25,000 people from all walks of life attended,” Nick said. “People in the LGBTQ community notice what companies participate at events like these. The sponsors really make an impact because they genuinely care about the community they serve.”

In his role as marketing manager, Nick supports the organization’s efforts to market LGBTQ provider education, patient resources and services to our community. He also has served as a strong ally in the organization’s efforts to earn the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality designation, which marks Norton Healthcare as an equal opportunity employer and inclusive patient care provider.

“The Human Rights Campaign designation is a huge deal for our organization,” Nick said. “It’s important to continue our hard work as an organization to maintain that designation and continue serving our patients with respect and quality care.”

It’s also important that all employees find value in the work they do and are valued by their leaders and organization.

“I absolutely love working in the marketing and communications department. We are truly a diverse group, and I am proud to be a part of the team,” Nick said. “And, because Norton Healthcare places so much focus on not only serving a diverse population but extending that inclusiveness and welcoming environment to employees, it makes it easy to work here.”

An accepting work environment has always been important to Nick. He recalls a recent NPride member meeting attended by Russell F. Cox, president and chief executive officer of Norton Healthcare.

“It was so inspiring and heartwarming that our CEO sat through our two-hour meeting to listen and be an advocate for LGBTQ patients and employees,” Nick said. “There are times being an LGBTQ minority where you don’t feel a lot of support. I felt that support 200 percent that day, and it was exciting and, in a way, emotional.”

Thank you to Nick and all of our NPride members for serving our patients, employees and community.

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Norton Healthcare was recently named a Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

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