It all started with a blog

When Hunchman shared her weight-loss success, Cox was elated to encourage her right back.

Every now and then you read something that truly resonates with you. Whether it is a poem, a magazine article or a selfhelp book, the words find a way to motivate you or affirm a decision you have made. Amy Hunchman, a scheduler with Norton Medical Group, found her most recent affirmation in a blog written by Russell F. Cox, president and CEO of Norton Healthcare.

“The blog, Thanksgiving in July … provided me with the opportunity to share my appreciation of the Norton Weight Management Center and the success I was seeing in just a few weeks,” Hunchman said. “I was excited about my progress and so appreciative of the support I was receiving through the program that I wanted to share it with Russ.”

When Hunchman shared her success, Cox was elated to encourage her right back. He took the opportunity to congratulate her on her mission of taking charge of her health.

That online exchange started a chain reaction and has since created a special bond.

Hunchman invited Cox to join her and her young daughter to participate in the 1k family fun run at the Norton Children’s Hospital Splash ‘n’ Dash 5k Walk/Run in August. It was Hunchman’s first walk/run and an opportunity to reach her first goal of adorning her car with a 1k magnet.

“I was delighted that Amy asked me to participate with her and her daughter,” Cox said. “I know it can be challenging to embark on a journey to get healthy, and I admire Amy for making this commitment. I also believe that it’s much easier when we have support.”

Hunchman, a single mother to 3-year-old Sophia, was six weeks into the 12-week medically supervised weight management program. She enrolled because she wants to get healthy and set a good example for her daughter.

In addition to the weight management support, she has set a goal of completing a half marathon.

“I want to participate in the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Disney World,” Hunchman said.

She knows meeting this goal will take lots of training and hard work, but she has a plan. She is already training for the Kentucky Derby miniMarathon on April 28, 2018.

Cox and Hunchman’s friendship is still going strong too.

“I absolutely intend to stay in touch with Amy during her journey,” Cox said. “She is determined and will be successful. One of my favorite things about Norton Healthcare is that we treat each other like family, and just like family, I will be here to support and encourage her. I know that her Norton friends and colleagues will do the same.”

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