I’ve seen cancer firsthand

Everyone has their own motivation for giving back. What’s yours?

My story starts five years ago. I needed to lose some weight and get in shape. I went to Clarksville Schwinn and bought my first road bike.

On one of my trips there, I noticed a flier advertising the Bike to Beat Cancer. The name of the ride quickly had my attention. I asked some questions at the shop and then went home and looked it up online. It wasn’t long after that I was signed up for my first organized bike ride.

I chose the 100-mile distance. I started training a little more and started fundraising. Both proved to be a challenge. The day of the ride rolled around and there I was, nervous and excited both.

I struggled that day. As you might imagine, for a 100-mile bike ride you have plenty of time to think. What pushed me through that ride was the thought that what I was doing was nothing compared to what cancer patients go through. I used that motivation to make it to the finish line.  I have seen cancer in my family firsthand twice. My dad lost his battle in 2003 and my mother-in-law has had breast cancer three times. I ride for them.

I have developed a real passion for this ride. Last summer at work I overheard a manager say he wanted to find something we could volunteer for as a group. First thing that popped into my head was the Bike to Beat Cancer. Many phone calls, emails and texts led to me riding and 15 co-workers at the finish line cheering riders on. That enthusiasm from last year has led to Team UPS this year: 14 riders with a goal of $5,000.

To say I’m excited would be an understatement. Sept. 17 can’t get here quick enough. The anticipation of the team with this being the first ride for half of them makes it all worthwhile.

This will be my fourth 100-miler for the Bike to Beat Cancer, and I’m just as driven and excited about it as the first one.


Motivated to help others cope with cancer?

There’s still time to participate in the Bike to Beat Cancer. If you’re not ready to ride, become a virtual rider, a volunteer or donate to a rider or team.

100 percent of proceeds from the Bike to Beat Cancer stay in our community to help cure cancer and eliminate suffering.

Learn more at BikeToBeatCancer.org.

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