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40-year hairdresser back behind the chair after successful reverse shoulder replacement surgery

For 20 years, Michael Rondinelli’s Fridays have come to develop a beautiful repetition. Around 4:30 p.m., the 64-year-old licensed cosmetologist sets up shop in the salon of The Pendennis Club of Louisville. It’s very “Hemingway” inside — vintage decor, lots of wood built-ins. The salon is small, just two chairs and a large mirror. It…

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Norton Neuroscience Institute’s “Neuro Tai Chi” class celebrates 10 years of helping patients with movement disorders

The gong sounds at 10:30 a.m. It’s the signal to sit down and listen. At the front of the room, Lloyd Kelly greets his class of about 20 with a fist-to-palm salute. He bows his head and says, “ni hao,” greeting them in Chinese. The class repeats it back to him. From there, he leads…

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30 years after first treatment, Norton Neuroscience Institute continues to provide care for patients with multiple sclerosis

It’s Friday morning at the Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center. The phones are ringing. Emails and referrals are coming in from physicians trying to connect their patients with the resources they need outside the doctor’s office. Patient navigators are meeting with patients, both newly diagnosed or in transition, providing help with the day-to-day challenges of…

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Mother-daughter duo gets same spine surgery from same Norton Leatherman Spine surgeon

Susan Smith’s back pain started as a teenager. “I was 19, a sophomore in college,” Susan said. “I started having pain in my hip and couldn’t figure out what was causing it.” She bounced from doctor to doctor, looking for answers. Several months later, her right leg was paralyzed. She needed a MRI, which confirmed…

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6 months after first dose, Norton Neuroscience Institute becomes top program for new Alzheimer’s drug

For Pam and Rick Jeffries, it’s become like clockwork. Every other Friday morning, at the same time of day, they drive to the Norton Infusion Center on the Norton Brownsboro Hospital campus. After some time in the waiting area, Pam is admitted back into a room, where she receives her biweekly infusion of lecanemab, the…

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Norton Healthcare social worker guiding people through the grief of losing family members to suicide

If the age-old saying “what a difference a day makes” holds true, then imagine how much difference years can make. As Shelita Jackson and Kamilla Taylor walk through the front doors of the Institute for Health Equity, a Part of Norton Healthcare, they’re the personification of the positive change time can bring. “We have to…

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Norton Leatherman Spine surgeon plays unintentional matchmaker for patients

Mike Thompson was in a familiar place. It was Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023. Mike was only six months removed from major spine surgery in his lower back. Yet, here he was again, sitting in the office of Kathryn J. McCarthy Mullooly, M.D., on the Norton Healthcare ­– St. Matthews campus facing a different, yet equally life-changing…

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WWE superstar Al Snow chooses rare double knee replacement to relieve pain

Allen Sarven knows pain. But the pain that finally brought him to his knees was just that — knee pain. Also known to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans as Al Snow, he has been a professional wrestler for 41 years. His career has taken him across states and continents, entertaining millions and winning championship titles,…

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Norton Healthcare nurse, 10 years seizure-free, living her dream after brain surgery

Very rarely does the average person stop in the middle of the work day to count their blessings. Often, living day to day is taken for granted. But for Emily Hughes, this could not be further from the truth. Despite the hustle and bustle of Norton Hospital’s ever-busy mother-baby unit, this postpartum nurse reminds herself…

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MLB pitcher Brandon Pfaadt returns home to Louisville to train for the upcoming baseball season

It’s 10 a.m., just a few days before Christmas. Several people have braved the December cold. Their destination — the Norton Sports Health Performance & Wellness Center. Some are older adults preparing for their weekly fitness classes. Others are college athletes, in the building to begin a pre-holiday workout. But among the few dozen people…

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30-year-old stroke survivor completes half marathon just 11 months after neurosurgery

As Russell Deakins crossed the finish line of the 2023 Urban Bourbon Half Marathon in Louisville, his eyes welled up with tears. “My only goal that day was to finish,” Russell said. “I got super emotional for the last 100 yards, because I could see the finish line and I knew I achieved it.” Years…

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‘When they saved my life, they saved Christmas’

Dressed as Santa Claus, David Grady was back at Norton Cancer Institute  to thank employees for their care and the compassion they demonstrated to him when he was a patient — and to encourage others who have received a diagnosis like his. Referring to the team who treated him, David said, “When they saved my life,…

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