Make 2023 your year to run a marathon

Norton Sports Health will get you to the finish line

If 2023 is your year to run the GE Appliances Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon/Marathon, read on!

The keys to running a successful marathon or miniMarathon are planning and pacing. The Norton Sports Health training program builds on mileage throughout the weeks leading up to the April 29 races. You’ll have a planned schedule and learn pacing so you don’t burn out before the big race.

If you have a desire to run (or walk) the half-marathon (mini) or full marathon, you don’t have to be competitive. You just have to want to try it.

With the Norton Sports Health training plan, we’ll help you set simple goals. You’ll walk. Or run a mile, then two, then three. You’ll get up a hill. And you’ll go on from there.

The training program is for everyone — from those who don’t regularly exercise to those who have completed races in the past. It is for walkers, runners and those who may be both. Twice-weekly group runs/walks include hill training, distance runs/walks and track training to help with pacing. Participants also receive a training manual that outlines  tips and tricks from nutrition to how to have fun while training.

If you can decide to put in the time and commit to training, we have the resources to help you cross the finish line, including special offerings of group fitness classes for kids and adults, yoga, an on-site dietitian and more at the Norton Sports Health Performance & Wellness Center. Contact us at or (502) 409-8888 to sign up today for runner-specific classes for Derby Festival miniMarathon/Marathon trainees.

Register today to train for the GE Appliances Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon!

Ready to run?

Connect with other participants and get support from sports health professionals. Sign up for text alerts by texting “NortonRun” to 37492 to receive messages about any changes in training times and locations. Go to to join the Norton Sports Health training program Facebook group. The Norton Sports Health training program* helps prepare you for the GE Appliances Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon  on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

*Before beginning any training program, consult with your health provider to ensure you are healthy enough to properly train and complete the program.

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