Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon doctor combines two passions

Robin G. Curry, M.D., medical co-director of the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon gets to combine her loves of medicine and running.

During the 2017 Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon, Robin G. Curry, M.D., wasn’t feeling quite like her normal self. Dr. Curry, orthopedic and sports medicine specialist with Norton Orthopedic Institute, was pregnant with twins and had started having contractions. But that didn’t stop her from spending the day caring for sick and injured athletes.

“That’s certainly my most memorable race day experience,” she said.

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Dr. Curry, medical co-director of the miniMarathon and Marathon, has supported the race for more than a decade. She spends the day in the extremely busy medical tent, diagnosing cases of hypothermia or dehydration, and evaluating and treating the many injuries associated with long-distance running.

“It’s one of my favorite days of the year,” Dr. Curry said. “I love talking to the athletes — especially the first-timers — and hearing their stories. Whether it’s to get in shape, support a family member or cause, or just to have the experience, everyone has a different reason for running.”

It also helps that Dr. Curry has her own passion for running.

She ran her first miniMarathon in high school and has completed roughly a dozen since then.

“Even before I ran my first race, I knew back then that I wanted to be a doctor,” Dr. Curry said. “My work allows me to combine both my passions — running and sports medicine. It’s really the best of both worlds and something I look forward to every year.”

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