Know your numbers now to reduce your risk later

Wellness exam shows employee and husband their health issues

Sara Candler, physical therapist, Norton Brownsboro Hospital, and her husband, Dennis, found areas of concern with their health after an annual wellness exam. The exam was part of N Good Health, Norton Healthcare’s employee wellness program. Sara and Dennis have made significant lifestyle changes based on the results.

“I truly don’t think we’d get a yearly checkup if it weren’t recommended by N Good Health,” Sara said.

Sara consistently has borderline high cholesterol due to her family history. However, at her last wellness exam, her cholesterol was elevated more than normal, and she’s been working with her provider at Norton Community Medical Associates – Hurstbourne to get it under control without medication.

“I’ve become much more aware of my daily saturated fat intake and have gained a better understanding of how that affects cholesterol,” Sara said.

Dennis found that his A1C level was higher than normal through his wellness exam. Because of that, he’s begun regularly checking his blood sugar, monitoring what he eats and going to the gym.

“Neither of us would have been aware of our elevated levels without [a wellness exam],” Sara said. “Both of us are taking great steps to improve our overall health and provide better examples for our two young children as a result of what we now know.”

Do you know your numbers?

Working with a health provider to know your glucosetriglyceridescholesterol and blood pressure numbers can help you keep an eye on your health. These numbers have an impact on conditions such as diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Knowing your numbers can help you start making changes now to help lessen your risk later.

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